Thursday Jan 18

Review #2. Check your answers on the key in class.

No class tomorrow. See you Tuesday afternoon for our last review class before the exam on Wednesday. Please remember you need a pencil, calculator, and ruler (I have some to lend, if necessary).

Wednesday Jan 17

Review day today. You worked through a sheet which included questions using exponent rules, combining polynomials, and solving equations.

Tomorrow we continue wth review.

Please ensure ALL MISSING ASSIGNMENTS are submitted ASAP.

Monday January 15

Last day of new material! We continued with our statistics conversation from Friday and defined population, sample, and bias. We learned four ways to choose a sample (convenience, stratified sample, systematic sample, and voluntary sample), and practised selecting appropriate sampling methods.

Tuesday: Review of exponent rules

Wednesday: Review worksheet – exponent rules, polynomials, expanding, solving equations.

Thursday: Review worksheet – graphing, linear equations, promotional reasoning, inequalities.

Friday: No math class.

Tuesday Jan 23: Review double block in the afternoon. Practice exam.

Wednesday Jan 24th: Exam. 8:45 am

Thursday Jan 11

This week we are working our way through motion geometry – that is, moving shapes, reflecting and rotating them, and today.. expansion and compression. The worksheets from day ONE and TWO (translations; reflections and rotations) are now due.  The expansion and compression sheet is due MONDAY.

Our final exam is on Wednesday January 24th in the morning. We will have 4 review classes starting next Tuesday.

All students received a progress report on Monday indicating any missing assignments. PLEASE HAND IN MISSING ASSIGNMENTS ASAP!!


Friday Dec 22

Congrats on winning the door decorating contest everyone! We really “decked the halls”!

After our hot chocolate party today we had a short quiz on inequalities and you received an interest worksheet to complete over the break. Since we did not get to the notes on credit card debt, you can leave the last page to do when we are back in January.

Have a FANTASTIC break all!

Monday Dec 18th

Last week before winter break! Yahoo!

We had our Unit Test this morning on Angles, Scale, and propotional reasoning. Thanks for the hard work on a Monday morning!

Tomorrow we continue with inequalities, and will finish up that mini unit on Wednesday. Might even have time to squeak in some holiday fun on Friday 🙂

Friday Dec 15

We took up Similar Triangles #2 and started a mini-unit on inequalities (greater than, less than). The worksheets for this lesson are not due on Monday as you have a test to prepare for.

Scale, angles, and Proportional reasoning test Monday Dec 18th.