Wednesday June 13

Today we looked at the advantages and disadvantages of sexual and asexual reproduction, and then learned about the female reproductive system in humans. The handout should be filled out using chapter 4.2.

You also got a progress report that shows your grade thus far, and any missing assignments. Please ensure all missing work is turned in ASAP!

Final exam is next Thursday – June 21 – morning.

Meiosis! Monday June 11

Meiosis today! Used to produce gametes (sex cells). Creates FOUR cells that each have half of the number of chromosomes of the parent cell.

watch this video again!

Questions from section 3.1 in the textbook are due tomorrow: #1-6, 1-12, 14, 15, 17

Wednesday June 6

Mitosis lab – we looked at plant and animal cells undergoing mitosis. You should have seen all of the ‘phases’! Lab booklet due by Friday at the latest

Cut and paste mitosis – practice putting it all in order. Due my Friday at the latest.

Intro to reproduction.. sexual (offspring are different than their parents) and asexual (offspring are genetically identical to their parent).

We will have a short quiz on Friday at the beginning of class on organelles, DNA, and mitosis.


Friday June 1 – Science 9

Chapter 2.3 questions due today (#2, 4-11)

Poster gallery presentation is MONDAY.

Today we leapt into the world of cell division as we learned about mitosis. IF YOU MISSED TODAY or just want a refresher PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO:

We then copied our own notes about mitosis, and you are to read chapter 2.4 in your textbook.

I handed out the unit test outline and review. Review is due TUESDAY. The unit test is also Tuesday so please use the review to help you study.

Wed May 30

Thanks for the great field trip today! We cleared 80 square meters of invasive plants – well done grade 9s!

Here is our plan for the next few days …

Friday – mitosis, posters due

Monday – Poster gallery walk

Tuesday – ecology unit test

Wednesday – microscope lab, practice with mitosis

If you missed the lecture yesterday here is the powerpoint for filling in the notes. Please note that we did NOT cover the last two sections of the notes (codons and protein synthesis) so please cross them out.

Tuesday May 29

DNA! We took notes on the structure and function of DNA, and then you read section 2.3. Questions #2, 4-11 from that section are due on Friday.

Tomorrow morning is our last field trip! The weather does not look great, and it is outside, so please be prepared. Rubber boots, rain jackets, warm clothes, and gardening gloves if you have them.

Monday May 28

We started our new unit today – biology! You read chapters 2.1 (really short!) and 2.2 and filled in this handoutwhich we took up at the end of class.

Check out this video we watched in class today!