Monday April 23

New unit today! Ecosystem sustainability and energy/nutrient cycles. We did an intro activity in class looking at connectedness of systems, and investigated the effects of the melting ice caps.

Tomorrow we have a guest presenter!

Thursday April 19

Block 1 – Power. One last equation on page 388. ┬áP=E/t. Handout where we looked at the cost of electricity in BC, and calculated how much is costs to run common household appliances.

Block 2 – Documentary AC vs DC. If you missed, watch here

Electricity Unit test tomorrow. YOU NEED YOUR OWN DATA SHEET! You can write anything you think will be helpful on a 8.5″x11″ piece of paper to bring into the test with you.

Tuesday April 17

Today we took up the colour coded resistors worksheet, and you got a unit review package. You had most of the class to work on it. It should be handed in next class.

Unit test is on FRIDAY. Reminder that you need to have your own data sheet! One 8.5″-11″ sheet of paper with any formula, units, equations, conversions, etc. that you think you may need on the test.

Monday April 16

Resistors and decoding their colours.

You had a handout which explained how to decode resistor colours, and two practice questions (will take up tomorrow). Then you had a chance to measure resistance with the multimeters on at least two resistors.

Friday April 13

  1. Short Quiz on current and voltage
  2. We took up the textbook questions from section 10.4 on Ohm’s law
  3. Practice problems worksheet – both sides due at the beginning of class Monday.

Monday we will look as resistors and how to determine their resistance based on the coloured bands.

We are striving to have our Electricity Unit test next FRIDAY (April 20th). For this test you must create your own formula sheet to bring in. You are permitted a standard letter size piece of paper (8.5″x11″) and can write anything that you may find helpful. The formulae and units will NOT be on the board during the test.


Wednesday April 11

Voltage problems worksheet – hand in

Voltage lab – hand in

Ohm’s law – Notes and started textbook questions #2-6, 8, 10-11. These are NOT due for homework.

Parent-teacher interviews TOMORROW NIGHT! Come see me! 7-8:30

Tuesday April 10

Today talked about how we need to communicate what we are doing when answering questions – by showing the formula, and showing where all numbers come from. We did a QQQ on current where you showed me that you can communicate your work. Then we learned about VOLTAGE! You had a new notes sheet, and answered questions #5-12 from section 10.3.