Math 9 – Friday Jan 18

Statistics intro today. You need to know four types of sampling and when it is appropriate to use each one: convince, systematic, stratified random, and voluntary.

Final exam is next Thursday. Our major units were exponents, polynomials, solving equations and inequalities, proportional reasoning, linear equations, and motion geometry. We also touched on simple interest and statistics.

Math 8 – Thursday Jan 17

Continued with review. Corrected page 2. Lots of opportunity to ask questions and get extra practice. We worked through the rest of the booklet (please attempt all questions except for probability questions)

FOR FRIDAY – Or if you are missing Friday… Please watch this video HERE

Math 8 – Jan 16 2019

Graphing quiz! Then some course review for the final exam. We went over combining like terms, expanding with the distributive property, evaluating, and solving. Please have the second page (front and back) of the review booklet attempted for tomorrow – come to class ready with your questions on concepts you need brushing up on!

Math 9 – Wed Jan 16

You checked your answers for the first page of the review (exponents section), and we reviewed Polynomials together. You should be working on the back page of the review tonight.. Put a star on any *solving* questions that you have trouble with and we will  take them up tomorrow.